Adults listen to music for a variety of reasons:  to lift our spirits; soothe our frayed nerves; and move us to dance.  Can listening and playing music benefit your baby?  We know that singing to and playing lullabies for babies helps to sooth infants.   Although  Baby Einstein was debunked as a way to increase cognitive abilities, research has shown that learning to play a musical instrument definitely helps with higher level thinking, memory, and problem solving required for mathematics. Click here for more benefits.

There are many ways to encourage musical play with children.  For centuries babies have been given rattles and shakers to hold and enjoy shaking.  Pots and pans or any unbreakable container with a wooden spoon will produce beats and eventually rhythm.  Using call-and-response sessions between you and your baby will show him/her how to shake or drum in response.  At your next gathering of other parents and babies you can host a jam session!

Watch this video to see how one family is encouraging music in their house.

For more detailed information, visit this blog.

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