Central Park - Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

  • Central Park parents said,
    “We can’t thank you all enough for such a wonderful year at Central Park Montessori!  We were so sad leaving the school today for the last time.  It has been such a caring and friendly environment for our children.  Every day, we picked them up from school with a smile on their faces, full of stories of what they were learning, the work they were doing and the friends they had made.

    In such a short time, you have instilled in them a love of learning, a love of life and the world around them, a sense of independence and helpfulness, a great appreciation of friendships, and the stamina to walk very long distances!!  Thank you!  You are teaching these children such important qualities, as well as a first rate academic education at such a young age.  The curriculum is fantastic.  We are very grateful for the time, energy and enthusiasm that all of you put into your work every day.”

    “Montessori educator said, “I just wanted to write and express how strongly we feel about the Montessori toddler program at Twin Parks! Looking back at the many times I have observed at your school, I can’t help but be struck by how calm and organized the little toddler rooms are, especially now that I have an 18 month old of my own. The children are always engaged and happy in their purposeful work.”

    Park West parents said,
    “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for hiring such fabulous, dedicated and caring teachers to take such amazing care of our little boy. He has grown so much because of his experience in Green Room A. We are so happy we are a Twin Parks Family, and are looking forward to another great year next year as we transition into the Orange Room.”

    “We are impressed with the implementation of the Montessori method at Park West.  The daily schedule allowed time for children to come together as a community for circle time, snacks and lunches while also allowing time for children to focus on self-directed and small group activities during work cycles and daily trips to the playgrounds in Central Park.  The children’s interests guided the activities and projects that took place throughout the year.

    One of the defining aspects of an excellent school is a teaching staff that interacts with the children and guides their learning each and every day. The experience, commitment, caring and compassion demonstrated by all of these teachers created a nurturing and positive environment where all the children in the Blue Room could develop and thrive and truly be themselves.

    There was a tremendous sense of community fostered at Park West.  Park West was a wonderfully positive, fulfilling and nurturing experience for our son.   We offer our sincere thanks and gratitude to all of the dedicated staff of Park West.”

    Riverside parents said,
    “Our son came home most days excited about what he had done in school. He was constantly talking about his friends and teachers, and was eager to return to school each morning. He was proud of the jobs he had each morning, his accomplishments, and the things he learned. He was very quiet when he began at Montessori, and over the past two years, we noticed how much more inquisitive and outgoing socially he has become. We believe this experience will instill in him a lifetime love of learning.

    As parents, knowing that he was attending school with experienced and friendly teachers put our minds at ease. Seeing your child run into a classroom and hug a teacher each morning makes it much easier to say goodbye for the day. We feel very fortunate to have been part of the Montessori family.”