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Insights on the Montessori method and Early Childhood Education from Dr. Kathy Roemer

Kathy’s Insights

Montessori Methods in the Work Place

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At Twin Parks Montessori Schools, we are enjoying a wonderful first week of school. Our students are learning to feel comfortable in a new classroom with new teachers, independently taking care of their possessions, and making wise decisions as they navigate, explore and discover innovative materials. The classrooms are carefully prepared by skilled teachers who though observations of students enables teachers to provide both comfortable and challenging experiences.

Children who learn in a Montessori classroom when they are young learn to be mindful of others and more about themselves as learners. Many hone their executive functioning skills such as problem solving, using memory to understand relationships, planning, fostering passion and getting into the flow of self actualization.

Recently several companies are attempting to create an open-work place – referred to Montessori-like work places. There have pros and cons and questions about the success of this model in the office. Although it sounds intriguing and fun, I question the long-term productivity of the venture. There is an age and attitude limit to the success of changing an adult’s work paradigm. If your entire education experience is spent in a traditional, direct-instruction classroom, a work environment that is collaborative, creative and passion-driven is not appropriate.

Work Place or Play Space?

One of the parents at Twin Parks Montessori School shared this article with me. Read for more information about some Montessori-like work places.

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Adults need more sleep!

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As parents and educators, we are often concerned about the amount of sleep our children get each night. Sleep coaching is available to help parent train their children to self sooth and sleep more restfully and longer. But what about adults? Sleep deprivation is a fact of life and we assume that it is ok for most of us continue to go about our lives in this state.

Listen to Adrianna Huffington talk about how to be more creative, more entertaining and successful by getting enough sleep. Let’s all work harder to shut your eyes and discover the power of sleep!

Adrianna Huffington Speaks About Sleep

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Mid Summer’s Eve

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While I contemplated the title for this post, I was reluctant to use the words “end of” indicating that summer is soon behind us. This is the time of August when many people enjoy time away from work, whether it is for a vacation or stay-cation. Summer camps are ending and we have a few more weeks before school begins. This is one of the few time of the year that I can leave the city and not worry about Twin Parks Montessori Schools in my absence. I am looking forward to the biggest decision to be which book I am going to read during my time off!

For parents, you may be deciding which books to take along to read to your children. Maybe a choice will be a story about starting school like, I Am Too Absolutely Small for School by Lauren Child, The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, Little School by Beth Norling, or for those going on to kindergarten, Sam and Gram and the First Day of School by Dianne Blomberg.

Our current newsletter offers some helpful information about preparing for those first few weeks back to school. To quote education director, Candace LaDouceur, :

It is important to remain positive when speaking about school with your child. Even if you are feeling nervous, look to convey a happy and optimistic feeling during this new experience. Your words, tone a facial expressions can influence your child’s attitude and confidence about school

But surely there is plenty of time to get ready for the new school year. On this Mid-Summer’s Eve, I want to be content to relax in the beautiful weather and go where my feet take me. No big plans, no worries, to live for the moment.

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, make you want to move your dancing feet.
from the song, Sun is Shining by Bob Marley

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How do you encourage your toddler to talk?

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Toddlers enrolled at Twin Parks Montessori Schools learn new words everyday. It is not because the adults are talking all the time, it is because they engage in shared conversations, read to and observed. Observation enables the adult to see and interpret subtle non-verbal cues from the child and respond appropriately. Teachers also use pictures and objects to teach new vocabulary.

Read this interesting passage by Janet Lansbury, REI Associate and Parent/Infant Class instructor to learn more.

Montessori Infant Toddler

Pictures help build vocabulary!

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We are thankful for our Twin Parks Montessori School Teachers!

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During the summer months Twin Parks Montessori School administrators prepare for the next school year. Today I was writing my back to school letter to our teachers, searching for inspiration and words of wisdom to help fire the passions in them. I feel so fortunate to work with such a dedicated, special group of adults whose personal goal is to guide the education and development of young children. I found this TED video about Rita Pierson, a 40 year veteran teacher who says every child needs a champion. We definitely have champions at Twin Parks!

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Love languages of children

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A colleague of mine share a book titled, The 5 Love Languages of Children.  It is part of a series written by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell.  The book has family stories about parents and children.  It describes the 5 love languages that helps children understand parents’ love.  They are:  physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts and acts of service.

images 3 Love languages of children

Touch is one of the 5 Languages of Love

“Love looks out for the interests of another; so does discipline.  So discipline is certainly an act of love.  And the more a child feels loved, the easier it is to discipline that child.” (page 127)

images 1 Love languages of children

Working together demonstrates an act of service.

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Beatrice from Heifer visits Twin Parks Montessori Schools

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On Wednesday, June 11, The Beatrice Biira of Uganda, from Beatrice’s Goat came to visit Twin Parks Montessori Schools to accept the donations our schools made to Heifer International. At the age of nine, Beatrice achieved her childhood dream of attending school thanks to a goat, a gift from Heifer International.

Our students are very familiar with Beatrice’s true story. They read her book in preparation for choosing an animal they wanted to give to a family. Philanthropy, shared as a family tradition, is the gift of a lifetime for young children.

Beatrice gifted a signed copy of her book to the schools

Preschool phanthropy nursery Montessori

Beatrice sharing her book with the Yellow Room at Park West Montessori School

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