This week, Twin Parks Montessori School parents had the opportunity to learn how to gently coach their children to have healthy sleep manners.  Christina Gantcher, shared the basics of sleep rhythm and cycles, the quality and quantity of sleep and very effective tips for establishing consistency for sleep schedules.

Peaceful baby sleeping.

Often parents ask our teachers and me why children sleep at school, that it interferes with nighttime sleep.  Some parents do not understand that daytime sleep is essential for children to get a good night’s sleep. Children who do not nap and then stay up late are sleep deprived and are unable to work at their best throughout the day.



The following chart provides a guide for the appropriate sleep time per age.

Age          Night Sleep (hrs)      Daytime Sleep (hrs)   Total (hrs)

3 months                10                              5 (3 naps)                                15

12 months             11.25                       2.5 (2 naps)                             13.75

18 months             11.25                       2.25 (1 nap)                              13.5

2 years                     11                              2 hours                                      13

3 years                     10.5                          1.5                                               12

4 years                     10.5                          1                                                  11.5

Let’s start a conversation about sleep.  If you have any questions, post in the comment section.

A 4-year old napping.