Today was a rainy, cold, spring day in NYC.  After brunch with friends, I walked past a dismal street fair on Broadway that was hoping for a break in the constant drizzle.  Afterwards I attended a concert of Baroque chamber music that highlighted the soprano voice of  Lianna Levine, one of our Central Park Montessori parents.

For almost 2 hours, I was transformed to a different era when Johann Sebastian Bach composed sonatas for the harpsichord, violin, viola de gamba and exquisite voices.  Add in the spectacular oboe played by Kristin Leitterman and the world doesn’t get better than that.  The acoustics in the venue made electronic amplification unnecessary.  The notes meandered, like the arias, through the space landing softly, purely, astonishingly beautiful in the audience’s ears.  The overshadowed day was transformed into a reverent encounter which I was both privileged and humbled to partake of.

Keep an eye out for other performances by Lianna Levine and her ensemble.  You will experience love transformed.

upper west side, new york, city

Lianna Levine and fellow musicians