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Love languages of children

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A colleague of mine share a book titled, The 5 Love Languages of Children.  It is part of a series written by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell.  The book has family stories about parents and children.  It describes the 5 love languages that helps children understand parents’ love.  They are:  physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts and acts of service.

images 3 Love languages of children

Touch is one of the 5 Languages of Love

“Love looks out for the interests of another; so does discipline.  So discipline is certainly an act of love.  And the more a child feels loved, the easier it is to discipline that child.” (page 127)

images 1 Love languages of children

Working together demonstrates an act of service.

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Beatrice from Heifer visits Twin Parks Montessori Schools

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On Wednesday, June 11, The Beatrice Biira of Uganda, from Beatrice’s Goat came to visit Twin Parks Montessori Schools to accept the donations our schools made to Heifer International. At the age of nine, Beatrice achieved her childhood dream of attending school thanks to a goat, a gift from Heifer International.

Our students are very familiar with Beatrice’s true story. They read her book in preparation for choosing an animal they wanted to give to a family. Philanthropy, shared as a family tradition, is the gift of a lifetime for young children.

Beatrice gifted a signed copy of her book to the schools

Preschool phanthropy nursery Montessori

Beatrice sharing her book with the Yellow Room at Park West Montessori School

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