At Twin Parks Montessori Schools, we are enjoying a wonderful first week of school. Our students are learning to feel comfortable in a new classroom with new teachers, independently taking care of their possessions, and making wise decisions as they navigate, explore and discover innovative materials. The classrooms are carefully prepared by skilled teachers who though observations of students enables teachers to provide both comfortable and challenging experiences.

Children who learn in a Montessori classroom when they are young learn to be mindful of others and more about themselves as learners. Many hone their executive functioning skills such as problem solving, using memory to understand relationships, planning, fostering passion and getting into the flow of self actualization.

Recently several companies are attempting to create an open-work place – referred to Montessori-like work places. There have pros and cons and questions about the success of this model in the office. Although it sounds intriguing and fun, I question the long-term productivity of the venture. There is an age and attitude limit to the success of changing an adult’s work paradigm. If your entire education experience is spent in a traditional, direct-instruction classroom, a work environment that is collaborative, creative and passion-driven is not appropriate.

Work Place or Play Space?

One of the parents at Twin Parks Montessori School shared this article with me. Read for more information about some Montessori-like work places.