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10 Best Things About The End Of Year School Picnic

10 Best Things About The End Of Year School Picnic

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One of our community’s traditions is the end of the year school picnic at each of our Twin Parks Montessori Schools campuses. Usually they happen late in May or early June. We make sure we have a rain date in case of inclement weather. It is a time of joy in seeing friends, reflections on the school year, and gathering with the sole purpose of enjoying time together. Here are some of my best things about the End Of Year School Picnic.


  1.  Families together. It is similar to surveying the kingdoms of Twin Parks Montessori Schools’ families.
  2. Children – laughing, running, playing, sharing,
  3. Parents, children, and teachers all together in one large community,
  4. Music – drumming at Park West, singing at Riverside, musical instruments at Central Park,
  5. Classroom flags,
  6. Bare feet in the grass,
  7. Babies on blankets,
  8. Sunshine,
  9. Smiles,
  10. Feelings of accomplishment for another successful year!

    Park West Montessori School with Otha Day


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