It’s the Little Things!


First, I want to commend all parents living in NYC who have two children under the age of 3!  Bravo!  This morning while I was waiting for a bus to go to work, I observed two of our students getting out of a taxi with a caregiver.

First the caregiver got out of the taxi and assisted the youngest child (a just walking toddler) to stand beside her, then the older brother (maybe 2.5 years) disembarked.  The older brother and his sister walked slowly to the sidewalk.  He held his little sister’s hand as they both waited patiently for the caregiver to gather their  backpacks and diaper bag out of the car and the stroller out of the trunk.  There was no fussing, no pushing or pulling, just patiently waiting, holding hands.  The older brother looked like he was experienced taking care of his little sister and that he took his job seriously.

On behalf of Twin Parks Montessori School, I would like to take credit for this remarkable feat of independence and responsibility.  However, I feel credit is due to the caregiver and other adults who do not underestimate this child and his ability to also give care and be a responsible member of his family.

On another note – I am surprised that the driver did not help retrieve the stroller from the trunk, but that is another story.

Montessori early childhood helping
Toddlers helping one another