Dust in the Wind

I am sitting in my NYC apartment, eyes glued to the news of hurricane Sandy, wondering how each of my family members and Twin Parks Montessori School community members are faring during this unusual storm.  I’ve watched the risk-takers surfing on Long Island  – both NY and NJ locations.  I’ve seen people walking their dogs.  I am thankful that school is closed today and tomorrow.  How would our teachers get to work with MTA closed?  How would our independent toddlers walk down Central Park West and Broadway or West End Avenues to get to school?  The wind would blow them around like a balloon with the string being a link of hands, parent to child. The wind is howling outside my window.  My door is banging slightly as the pressure in my apartment building changes with the surges of wind.  A friend posted this rendition of “Dust in the Wind“.  I thought it was perfect to calm us as we wait for the eye of the storm.