Sticks and Stones

Today started with me accomplishing a major goal – by cleaning the 55 gallon fish tank at Park West Montessori School.  I inherited the fish tank from my son who was tired of moving it up and down apartment stairs when he moved.  We take care of some of his original cichlids, a plecostomus and a speckled cat fish.  We also have several generations of cichlids because they have live births fairly often. Cleaning the tank also means catching some mid-sized, “teenager” fish to donate to the fish store.  After all, we have to make room for the new babies!

After I finished this arduous task, feeling good, I sat at my computer with the clean tank in the background, reading email.  I opened this TED video and wanted to share it with you (note: not for children).

It made me laugh and cry. I also want to apologize to the teenager fish and let them know that even though they were singled out to weed from the tank, it is truly not personal.  With their youth and size, they have the best chance to flourish in another tank in another school or home.