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A Montessori School’s Community

A Montessori School’s Community

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Education is enormously impacted by our global society and technology’s influence on the ways we communicate. These changes directly affect the learning that takes place in our schools.

Do you wonder what you can expect from a school’s community?

School communities include families who are returning and those that are new, teachers, staff and administration, caregivers, grandparents, and building maintenance crews. Everyone is contributing to provide a safe environment that is both educational and enjoyable for its members. Your family, the school, and the location of the school (urban, suburban, rural) are three major contexts in which children live and grow. These overlapping spheres of influence are important because they have a direct impact on children’s learning and development. One of Twin Parks Montessori School’s (TPMS) beliefs is that we form a partnership with parents during this journey of learning for children.

Our community shares common values: children are precious beings in our care; family time is important and protected; excellent education and expectations are vital; creativity, independence and intrinsic motivation are important life skills; and, we rely on one another to help our children experience success. The location of TPMS in New York City also provides a globally diverse experience for our community of learners of all ages.


We also strive to continue the work of Maria Montessori by following her tenants of respect for all, fostering independence, and enabling large blocks of uninterrupted work time for students to discover and learn. We have common goals of developing executive function skills with our students: planning, organizing, collaborating, remaining flexible, using memory, patience, persevering, and demonstrating empathy for others.

At TPMS, we strive for cordial, collegial and encouraging communication with parents. We use multiple tools for communicating news from the classrooms, articles on parenting and education and general announcements from the school administration. Each classroom has an email account and teachers are available during the day to make and receive telephone calls.

Parents are also invited to participate in a variety of parent education events at school. Our classroom orientations are an opportunity to learn more about your child’s classroom and meet the other parents who will share the year with you. Parents use our web-based Google calendars to sync with theirs as a reminder of these invaluable learning opportunities.

The first decade of life is the time when children are developing their personalities and moral compasses. At no other time is overall growth so pronounced and rapidly changing. Perhaps the most influential teachers are those that a child experiences during his/her first 10 years. These first teachers assist the child and his/her family as they negotiate their physical, behavioral, cognitive and social development. Your decision to enroll in a Montessori school enables your child to experience and excel in an environment tailored to his/her developmental needs with materials that will provide comfort and challenges.

The search for a vibrant school community must be on your checklist of essential ingredients for the education of your child. Your school community, its values and commitment to education are essential for the success of your child in joining the dynamic society in which they live.


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