A few months ago, I was contacted by a representative of Chickenshed, a UK theatre group with the motto, "Theatre Changing Lives". And indeed they do! Arrangements were made for the group to perform their inaugural USA session with children at our Riverside Montessori School campus. Chickenshed arrived on April 23, 2018 and set up in our gym. Using the equipment on hand, the group held sessions for infants, toddlers and early childhood children. In the afternoon they also held a professional development session for teachers from Twin Parks Montessori Schools and other educators from NYC and Maryland.

Enjoying Chickenshed!

There were many delightful moments including an animal that said "BLECH!", movement with scarfs, an on-the-spot-created song about 2, 2 1/2 and 3-year-olds, hand puppets, drumming and much more! Perhaps the most impressive for me was the way the troupe, lead by Peter Dowse, observed and followed the children's lead. How Montessori was that?

After much fun, exercise and laughing, one satisfied toddler told a staffer, "I am going to do my work, now."



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