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Children know how to spread cheer!

Children know how to spread cheer!

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There are times in our lives when we experience sadness and grief.  The death of a family member is one of those times.  My family has been so fortunate that my parents, their 5 children, 13 grandchildren, and 17 great-grandchildren have all been healthy and thriving.  When my mother passed away on Saturday, it felt like the heart of our family stopped beating.  She spread love to every member of her extended family.  We all looked forward to our annual birthday call when she sang to us.  That small birthday gift will be sorely missed.

When my great-niece, Camryn, 6 years old, told her mother that she missed her Great Grammy and was sad.  Her mom suggested that when they were sad,  they could think of just one thing that was special about Great Grammy and talk about that one thing it would help them not to feel so sad.  So Camryn thought about it and said how much she loved Great Grammy’s white hair.  Then she expressed concern that she hurt Great Grammy’s feelings a few weeks ago when she told her how her hair was puffy and looked like a cloud, which of course made Great Grammy laugh at the time.  Camryn then said that she felt like Great Grammy’s hair is “camouflage in heaven since she is in the clouds”.

What a mature thought from a child!  How sensitive and soothing for all of us to think about.  Children are so wonderful and pure in their thoughts.  I am so glad I have so many children in my life!

A wonderful, loving mother!


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