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Conversation With Arnie Duncan Regarding School Safety

Conversation With Arnie Duncan Regarding School Safety

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Today (2/12/13) I had the privilege to participate in a telephone conversation with Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan, David Esquith, Director of the Office of Safe and Healthy Students, and other non-public school leaders across the country.  Secretary Duncan reviewed President Obama’ plan to help keep our children safe including:  higher regulation on high-capacity guns,  have stricter background checks, review of violent video games, and to school measures to keep our children safe and not afraid in school.

There are 4 buckets or key items and activities with the plan:

• Every school will have a comprehensive safety plan.  More information for best practices in school safety can be found at

• Schools will have tools to develop and maintain safe and positive school climate

• Students will receive more proactive and ongoing help with mental health issues

• Students will be safe with additional security measures in all schools, public and private

Only Congress, of course, will have the authority to approve the plan.  Do what you can to inform your congressional leaders the need for this plan to pass. 

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