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Cultural Experiences with Children

Cultural Experiences with Children

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Children are exposed to cultural subjects from the beginning of their school experience at Twin Parks Montessori Schools.  Young children understand the basic needs of humans like food, clothing and shelter, however, it is sometimes difficult to explain the needs of people globally.

At Twin Parks, we provide  hands-on activities about the universe and the planet earth enhanced with books, discussions, foods, songs, finger plays, etc. with a special focus on learning about the many different cultures on the earth.  Twin Parks Montessori Schools’ community is comprised of many families from around the world who willingly share information about their cultures with the teachers and classes.  Our children learn to celebrate the commonalities all people share while learning how we are also different.  Learning with and about others occurs naturally in our classrooms.

Children attending our Park West summer program worked with their teachers, on a project sponsored by the International Year of Volunteerism By and For Children, sponsored by the United Nations Volunteers.

“To begin the project the class had a group discussion about how we can help others.  The children came up with many personal ways they help their families and friends.  Since this age is very sensorial, they were very expressive with their hands in describing how they help.  The idea of ‘Helping Hands’ was generated from this observation.  Afterwards, we read books and a group of children started this project using the medium they like most: paint. By applying big strokes of blue, green and white paint onto circled-shaped paper, they made a representation of the planet. Afterwards, they colored in hand shapes using their favorite shades of glitter paint. With the help of the teachers, the children participated in the assembling and then took turns writing the words Helping Hands.  ~Mariel Carballo, Teacher

The finished project!

It is appropriate to model and encourage cooperation. The goal at Twin Parks Montessori Schools is to arouse interest and engage children in projects that require colaboration.   In our classrooms, we talk about how “hands are for helping,” and all the different ways that we can help others.  Maria Montessori wrote:

“If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men”.

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