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Dr. Ned Hallowell Speaks at Twin Parks Montessori Schools

Dr. Ned Hallowell Speaks at Twin Parks Montessori Schools

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Twin Parks Montessori Schools’ parents, teachers and community members enjoyed a heartfelt talk by Dr. Edward “Ned” Hallowell.  His message was clear – it is not to late to assist in the development of “the childhood roots of adult happiness”.  This is also the title of one of Ned’s 18 books.  In this particular book he reviews the 5 steps to help children create and sustain lifelong joy.

Dr. Kathy Roemer and Dr. Edward "Ned" Hallowell

In a story-telling format and without any technology, Ned held the audience’s attention as he talked about the importance of connections, play, practice, mastery, and recognition.  I especially connected to his definition of play, “any activity in which there is room for spontaneous invention and/or change”.

He also gave the audience many suggestions that we are all able to do and that are basically free – except for time.

In addition, “Play and creativity go hand in had to create a supremely involved state of mind to which you want to return for the rest of your life.  Play is the fundamental key to a life of joy.”  If our children are free to find their passions and get paid to play within the realm of their passions, they will lead a joyful life.

Ned made many references in support of Montessori as an educational program than understands and provides what children need to grow into joyful adults.

Ned connected with the parents at the book signing following his talk.

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