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Emotional Agility

Emotional Agility

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When we face times of concern, or issues beyond our control, we feel emotionally drained. For the past many months we have all been exposed to a lack of kindness and humility due to the Presidential election cycle and its media coverage. For me it seemed to be a war between the states, with some friends and family members entirely disagreeing with my opinion of how the election should turn out.

For those of us with young children in our homes, or who work with young children, understand that children are listening even when you think they are not. They also read our non-verbal cues really well and they quickly pick up on our feelings. In all times of stress, upset, or anger, we need to be particularly careful with our interactions around our children. Sometimes we may be animatedly talking on the telephone and not realize that little ears are hearing every word!

If the election resulted with your preferred candidate winning, your family is probably gleeful and celebrating. But what do we tell our children after an election when the results are not what we expected and we feel unhappy and/or depressed?

Dr. Ali Michael, wrote a great article for the Huffington Post, titled, “What Do We Tell The Children?” Her first message is that we tell them that we will protect them. Children who feel safe from harm are emotionally ready for other challenges that the world has to offer. Sometimes we need that kind of emotional agility, too.

Just as we teach children to feel it, show it, label it and watch it go, we need reminders ourselves. Dr. Susan David wrote a book, Emotional Agility, which outlines ways for us to “get unstuck, embrace change and thrive in work and life.” Dr. David draws on extensive research and decades of international consulting. Basically, we can all thrive in an uncertain world by becoming emotionally agile.

As I read the book, I can think of several people I want to share it with – including all of you!

Watch this video to see Dr. David talk about Emotional Agility.

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