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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

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Teaching emotional intelligence has been a hot topic on many education news feeds. Emotional intelligence (EI) is extremely important for adults in the their workplace and for children in schools. EI is often more important in determining success than personality traits are. A person who is social, energetic and outgoing is not always the one to use sound judgment on a regular basis.

Emotional intelligence is not related to an I.Q. or ERB test score. Rather, it is the ability to read between the lines, size up a situation and to use intuition. How are children getting the key emotional and social skills and competencies they need for life – being able to handle anxiety and anger, to empathize, to work things out? School is often the place to help with learning these life skills. Twin Parks Montessori Schools offer many opportunities for EI skills to develop and flourish.

Watch this short video on Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children


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