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Exmissions – what’s next?

Exmissions – what’s next?

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When the nursery school years are behind you – where does your child’s education continue?  We are fortunate in that NYC has many options.  The question then becomes – what school is a good match for my child?  The exmissions process at Twin Parks Montessori Schools begins the spring of the year a child turns 4.  We meet with parents, conduct workshops regarding public and private options and application processes, and visit the various schools ourselves to guide parents when they are making the important decision of where to apply.

Then you may ask, how well do we prepare our students for their next school?  Exceptionally well!

Dane Peters, Head of Brooklyn Heights Montessori School summed it up in an article in the Parent’s League of New York Review 2011.  In it he states:
“The outcomes of Montessori education I love most, however, is that students are always eager to take on new challenges.  The notion that the Montessori setting is ideal for creating self-starting, self-motivated students is supported by Daniel Pink, author of Drive, the Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.  After all, what better environment for learning than one that promotes independence, mastery, purpose, responsibility and respect.”

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