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Family Traditions

Family Traditions

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Some of my most memorable recollections about my childhood center around family traditions.  We often had cake and ice cream for dinner when it was someone’s birthday.  On Saturday nights, while watching the Ed Sullivan show, my mother was setting her three daughters’ hair in rag or pin curls, and my dad was peeling and sharing grapefruits so that each of our 7 family members got an equal amount of  juicy segments.  On Christmas morning, we would wake up as early as 4:30 AM and be in awe of the miracle of a fully decorated tree, with a train and presents underneath that appeared in our living room!  No wonder my parents always looked so tired in the pictures from those days!

Begin to establish your own family traditions now, while your children are young, that they will love and look forward to in years to come.  Whether it is lighting Chanukah candles, decorating the Christmas tree or planning Kwanzaa feasts, allow your children to help plan and facilitate a part of your traditions.  Creating these positive experiences will help develop positive connections with you and others.  These traditions become the events that help create the adult your child will become.

preschool family new york upper west side
Lighting the Chanukah Candles Together.



upper west side family Montessori
Multi-generations Enjoying  Dinner Together


nursery family upper west side
Choosing a Tree Together


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