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Last Days of Summer Fun

Last Days of Summer Fun

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Most children want the summer to last forever. If I took a poll, I am not sure many would choose to go to school rather than enjoy time in the city or on vacation. Maybe a few are looking forward to getting back together with friends. I know some parents who are ready for their chid to be back at Twin Parks Montessori Schools.

Building with the Brown Rectangular Prisms

If you find yourself in the city during these hot days and your list of activities has diminished, take a look at these suggestions:

• Visit the National Museum of the American Indian located on the south side of Bowling Green in lower Manhattan near Battery Park (another great place for views of the Statue of Liberty).

The New York Botanical Gardens offers FREE grounds admissions on Wednesdays. NYBG is located at 2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx and is accessible by subway.

• Visit the longest slide in the city on Governor’s Island.

• Climb the walls at Dumbo Boulders in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Check out that it is open on their Facebook page.

• Ride the SeaGlass Carousel at Battery Park and refresh in the Spiral Fountain.

SeaGlass Carousel

Indian Road Playground has been renovated and has great views of the Henry Hudson Bridge. It is located at 214th Street and Seaman.

Everyone has a favorite spot in Central Park – usually near a playground. But have you taken a boat ride from the Loeb Boathouse on Central Park Lake? Or have you listened to a story by the Hans Christian Anderson statue on Saturday morning from 11am to 12 PM rain or shine?

A wonderful app that I recommend to people who are exploring Central Park is called Central Park Entire. For a very low cost, you can find your way around Central Park, learn all of its secrets including: trees, statues, monuments, restrooms and playgrounds.

Central Park Entire

See you September!

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