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Maya Angelou Speaks about Resilience

Maya Angelou Speaks about Resilience

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One of my favorite moments of being a Montessori educator was when Maya Angelou was a keynote speaker at an American Montessori Conference in NYC in 2007. I chaired the conference and helped to organize our speakers. We had 3,500 people in the Madison Square Garden Theater and you could have heard a pin drop when Dr. Angelou took the stage. It was like sitting in a living room with a loving, wise grandmother. Maya quoted poetry, told stories and shared her thoughts on education. As a mother who chose Montessori for her children she told us that Montessori teachers “were rainbows in the clouds.” What a special moment.

Maya Angelou, a remarkable woman.

Maya Angelou is feature in this months Educational Leadership journal in an article titled, “Handle with Care: A Conversation with Maya Angelou.” Listen to an audio excerpt of this interview:

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