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Montessori in Asia

Montessori in Asia

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The Montessori in Asia Conference, Beijing will be held at the Crowne Plaza Sun Palace Beijing, August 13 – 14, with pre-conference school tours on August 12. In keeping with its theme, “Creating the Educational Mosaic in China,” the conference will examine how “Western” alternative educational models, including Montessori, have been adapted by several Asian nations in response to their cultural demands.

The event is being hosted by the China Association of Private Education, Montessori Preschool Committee, and Etonkids International Education Group in cooperation with the American Montessori Society .  I will be attending, representing AMS at the conference as honorary chairperson and president of the AMS Board of Directors, along with Doris Sommer, AMS senior director of teacher education. Dr. JoAnn Deak, a noted educator who will also be presenting at our school, September 7, 2011, will be among the keynote speakers.

I am looking forward to this cultural, especially visiting Montessori schools in the context of different cultures.  My next post will come to you from Beijing!


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