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Parent and Teacher Relationships

Parent and Teacher Relationships

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I once heard a parent say, “I will believe half of what my child tells me about you, if you promise to believe half of what my child tells you about me.” I think this is a fair statement to begin a relationship, don’t you?


For many of our children, the relationship with a teacher may be the first adult relationship the child develops outside of family members. Allowing a bond to form between teacher and child without interference is powerful and contributes to successful relationships in the future.

Twin Parks Montessori Schools just hosted its first Parent/Teacher Conferences for this year. The focus of our first conference of the year includes reflecting on expectations, establishing a baseline of ability, sharing Montessori philosophy and strengthening the newly formed bonds between parents and teachers. As the year progresses, the meetings together are focused more on the growth and development of the child with reference to the progress reports prepared by the teachers. A positive relationship between parents and teachers contributes to the child’s success in school. It is important that the parent-teacher-child relationship functions under an umbrella of respect. This collaborative relationship has the development and well-being of the child in the forefront. Problem solving is more pro-active than assuming the worst before the facts are known.

Child Playing in Classroom
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Conversations between teachers and parents can include academic progress, social and emotional development and anecdotal observations of a child putting learning into practice. Active listening is extremely important for great dialogue to take place. Scheduling time for parents and teachers to be together insures less distraction. Together, parents and teachers guide children on their journey into the world. Before a 3-year old enters an early childhood classroom the child has already had about 20,000 hours of action-research happening. Challenges occur every day and the child’s brain adapts and changes as it addresses each new opportunity for learning.

Positive parent and teacher relationships are part of our core beliefs at Twin Parks Montessori Schools. We appreciate all of the parents who have selected our school to partner with them to facilitate the growth of their most precious child. We believe that our community is strengthened when our people come together in celebration.


We look forward to welcoming our parents to our first in class social of the year during the week of November 23.


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