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Social Interactions and Long Life

Social Interactions and Long Life

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Recently, I accepted a position as an adjunct professor at Concordia University. My first assignment is to teach Math 531 or Mathematics for Students with Special Needs. In addition to my Twin Parks Montessori Schools responsibilities, I meet with 22 Masters students weekly. I present and talk about teaching students who have learning disabilities using Montessori math materials and adding accommodations. For the past several weekends and during my free time, I have been preparing to share information with a new social group. Little did I know that by accepting this new position, I am possibly providing an opportunity to have a long life.

Today, after adding finishing touches on my upcoming class notes and presentation, I found a TED talk titled, “The secret to living longer may be your social life”. I was of course intrigued and enlightened so much so that I am sharing it with you.


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