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The Treasures We Take With Us

The Treasures We Take With Us

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We know that parents are the greatest influence in a child’s life. Teachers run a close second.

Research has shown that teachers who have high expectations, who teach with respect and love have a long lasting impact beyond social and academic influences. Teachers are role models who inspire and encourage children to strive for greatness, live up to full potential and see the best in themselves. Teachers can change children’s lives. What children learn in these early years are the building blocks and scaffolding of the moral beings they will become as adults. We are proud that we shared these milestones with so many families. This time of year is always bittersweet for teachers and school administrators. We are excited about finishing another year, and anticipating our summer plans. And we are sad to say goodbye. Our goodbyes are many: to children who are aging up and going onto elementary school; goodbye to children leaving our classroom for another; goodbye to team members who are moving onto another school or job opportunity; and, goodbye to families leaving New York City. We hold many treasures in our hearts and minds. The smiles and happy faces of children who have grown and learned so much during their time with us and their families who have given us their trust in the care of their child. I have a special place where I keep the handmade cards and artwork that children have given me. Each classroom has a memory book of the children for children to enjoy in years to come. We treasure so many little things, too. When a child says our name for the first time. When a child exclaims, “I did it!” We treasure the laughter. When an assistant understands that Montessori really works. When a parent recognizes and thanks us for our work.

We thank you for sharing a wonderful year!

One of our best-kept secrets is that working with young children helps keep us young in body, mind, and spirit. ~ Kathy Roemer

Twin Parks Montessori School
Twin Parks Montessori School


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