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The Weather is Hot – What is Cool?

The Weather is Hot – What is Cool?

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School will soon be closed, the city is already hot, and your children are ready to go, go, go!  Parents and care givers searching for fun things to do this summer can click on these links for some ideas.  One plan that can be repeated often is to find solace and adventure in  the cool shade of trees in one of the best parks in the entire world – Central Park.  There are so many opportunities for children and families to take part in the outdoors. Pack a snack or picnic and go for the day.  How about a scavenger hunt while you are there?

Make time for reading every day in the summer.  Books are one of the best tools for helping children grow and develop their minds.  Include everything from non-fiction about animals to short chapter biographies and fantasies on your list for you and your children to enjoy.  Visit the Children’s Center at the NY Public Library on 42nd and 5th Avenue for various programs and classes.

Above all else, share time together. You are  your child’s greatest hero, role model and companion.  The memories you create together will become part of your traditions and will become the childhood roots adult happiness!

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Reading in the park!



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