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This Awesome Day

This Awesome Day

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Last weekend I attended a conference for leaders of Montessori schools. The keynote speaker was Dr. Ned Hallowell and the topic was “Crazy Busy”. The conversation really resonated with me because we all operate with an incredible fast pace, daily. If you are doing what you really enjoy or what matters to you, then life is great. If you do not have time to think, then when do you reconstitute yourself? We all become humorless or operate with partial attention when we don’t take care of ourselves. We need a plan to protect what matters most. Like taking time to connect with our children. One of my greatest happy times now is being with my adult children. A few hours with them makes me smile for days!

This morning I watched a TED talk featuring Neil Pasricha’s blog 1000 Awesome Things. Neil talks about connecting to our inner 3 year old selves! At Twin Parks I am surrounded by 3 year olds and I can tell you that the positive energy that radiates from them as they discover life’s wonders for the first time is AWESOME!

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