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Throughout our entire lives we experience transitions – some easier than others.  The infants in our care make a leap of trust when they transition from their parents to a teacher.  Nurturing, consistency, love and safety are the essential elements that make this transition smooth.  These elements change slightly as the children age to include environments that foster natural curiosity, respect and  friendship.  At Central Park Montessori School we are part of a transition for one of our beloved administrators, Shelly McGuire.  Shelly has been at CP since its beginning and at our Park West campus for 6 years before that.  I have worked with Shelly since 1994!  Shelly’s personality,  knowledge, warmth and love of children was a contributing factor for many parents who enrolled their children at Twin Parks.  We will miss her!  Knowing her family circle will embrace her as she begins work in a school steeped in tradition and respect make this transition easier for us.  We all wish her well as she makes a new transition in her life!  

upper west side new york Montessori
Shelly McGuire ready to greet guests at the Bon Voyage Party hosted by Twin Parks Montessori School.


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