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What’s for Dinner?

What’s for Dinner?

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This week Twin Parks Montessori School hosted a parent education workshop on the topic of Nutrition.  Two wonderful educators from the Children’s Museum of Manhattan prepared several learning activities for parent participation.  Parents learned about the recommended portion size of vegetables/fruits (50%), protein (25%) and starch (25%) for children as well as adults.

Montessori, nursery, nutrition, toddlers
Recommended portions of food for a meal

We had lively discussions about whole milk vs 2% yogurt.  Greek yogurt with low sugar and healthy cultures was a clear winner!  One activity that may be used at home in discussion with young children uses a stop light with three colors representing:

Green – Go Foods – Vegetables and Fruits – All meals and snacks

Yellow – Slow Foods – Starch, Protein required daily in portion size

Red – Whoa Foods – Sugar:  cakes, cookies, candy, etc. One or twice a week or special occasions

Other great points –

  • if the listed ingredients are longer than your thumb nail, back away!
  • it takes up to 15-20 times of serving a new food before some children will enjoy eating it.

For more child-friendly information, visit the Children’s Museum of Manhattan current exhibit: Eat Sleep Play:  Building Health Every Day!  

Montessori, nutrition, healthy children, nursery
Healthy Portions



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