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What’s so great about MUD? International Mud Day – June 29th!

What’s so great about MUD? International Mud Day – June 29th!

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I have fond memories of the role mud played in my childhood.  From raiding the kitchen of old containers and pots with dents, to gathering twigs and bits of moss, to finding a water source so essential to any mud project.  My learning evolution progressed from a sensorial experience with mud on my hands and squishing between my toes, to cooking mud cakes in the sun, to sliding down a muddy hill on a flattened cardboard box, to constructing whole communities for my troll doll, Pumpernickel. Those of you with access to green space around your home will appreciate the latest article by Mary Rivkin in the Community Playthings newsletter.  Click here.  Rivkin has also written a book, The Great Outdoors:  Advocating for Natural Spaces for Children. Jan White’s Natural Play Blog also talks about creating a mud kitchen.  I love this picture that is posted on Jan’s blog.

Mud cooking with small hands!
Mud cooking with small hands!

Did you know that there is a World Forum International Mud Day?  It is happening on June 29th!  It is for children and early childhood professionals , parents, and mud enthusiasts all over the world.  Check out their FaceBook page!  The pictures are fantastic!   I am disappointed not to find any mud day activities listed for my back yard – Central Park in NYC.  I will have to find my own mud!  What will you do with your children on June 29th to celebrate International Mud Day?  

International Mud Day!
International Mud Day!


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