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Why are my child’s shoes on the wrong feet?

Why are my child’s shoes on the wrong feet?

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This is a commonly asked question when children are learning to be independent and self sufficient. Students in Montessori classrooms often change from outdoor to inside shoes throughout the day. This practice helps them to develop their self-care skills which is a major concept in a Montessori environment. When teachers notice that a child has put shoes on the wrong feet, he/she will not correct the mistake and deflate the new sense of accomplishment. Although not perfect, it is a huge task for a 2-6 year old child. Allowing children to learn first hand from their mistakes and with adult time and patience shoes will soon be on the correct  feet. In the meantime, you can get a big sticker and cut it in half. Put one half in each shoe. Show your child that when they are aligned to go on the correct feet, the stickers will join to make a whole.  

Right and Left Shoe stickers
Right and Left Shoe stickers


Child putting on shoes
Child putting on shoes


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