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Why Montessori? …A Father’s Perspective

Why Montessori? …A Father’s Perspective

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One of our very observant and involved parents at Twin Parks Montessori Schools, Matthew Mandelbaum*, has shared his observations about his children and our program. His insights are included below.

Why did you choose Twin Parks Montessori School for your child?

I became a teacher, so I could learn to be a father. I became a psychologist to help others reach their full potential. When it came time to choose a program for our daughter, our first child, my wife, a reading specialist, and I knew first hand of the responsibility and the impact that a school and its teachers could have on children and parents. We chose Twin Parks because we were looking for a true school and not a daycare, even for a 9-month-old! We admired the school’s nurturing and academic capacities.

What have you learned about child development and Montessori as a result?

Twin Parks Montessori offers the combination of excellent teaching, curriculum, materials, and mixed-age groupings that allow children to explore their world, develop trust in themselves, and build a firm foundation for now and the future.

How has the experience helped you as a parent?

After our daughter finished four years at Twin Parks, our son spent three years at Twin Parks, too. There is no doubt that as parents, we have to help children make a bridge between home and the surrounding community. Twin Parks does a good job at doing that.

What about Montessori has been most surprising to you?

The most surprising things are the little insights and nuggets of knowledge and skills that children bring home showing what they understand and what they can do. These basic building blocks are so important to them feeling curious and competent. Twin Parks does a great job getting children started in many areas of life and school.

What would you tell a parent who is thinking about enrolling his or her child in Montessori? 

Don’t just think about what the future can offer with a Twin Parks education. Think about your child’s growth and development each and every day. Think about how they can come to enjoy and appreciate the present moment as they come into their own. Think about how much you will grow and change as a person and as a parent while your child matures.

How has your child flourished since attending our Montessori school?

Both children are interested in a variety of ideas, subjects, and hobbies.  They love learning and are kindhearted people.

Anything else you would like to share?

I believe that Twin Parks has been a good investment, both during their tenure and beyond.


*Dr. Matthew G. Mandelbaum, PhD, MSEd, MA, New York State Licensed Psychologist

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