12:00pm–1:00pm | Tuesday, April 6

Many families want to raise children in environments free from gender stereotypes and restrictions, yet often end up subconsciously reinforcing society’s messaging. This presentation provides families with tools for reducing the pressures experienced by children of all genders. Even before birth, families have an opportunity to shift language and behavior that can lead to better mental health and stronger relationships with their children!

Lyndon Cudlitz

Pronouns: he/him or they/them

With 20 years in LGBTQ services and social justice education, Lyndon Cudlitz provides training and technical assistance for schools, healthcare facilities, businesses, and organizations. Lyndon has worked for several LGBTQ organizations in the Northeast, is a former children’s rock climbing instructor, and has founded & directed youth leadership programs in Maine, New York, and Missouri. Lyndon also currently serves as an LGBTQ trainer-consultant to the New York State juvenile justice and youth psychiatric facilities.

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