Dr. Anne Colantuoni

Virtual Brown Bag Lunch Talk

11:30am–12:30pm | Thursday, November 19

This talk is designed for the parents of young children from age 3 to 5.

Children have fears even in ordinary times, but this year is challenging for us all. How do we help our children feel safe? What strategies can you use to help your child manage and understand how they are feeling? This talk will help you to empower your children and help them navigate and better understand their fears.

This will be Dr. Colantuoni’s 17th year as Consulting Psychologist at the Twin Parks Montessori Schools. In this capacity, Dr. Colantuoni observes children in their classrooms, meets with parents, facilitates teacher-parent meetings, and makes formal interventions and/or referrals on behalf of a child when necessary. She also holds workshops during the course of the year on serious topics but tries to make them fun for parents. In addition to her work here, Dr. Colantuoni has a practice on the Upper West Side where she sees children and adults.

Dr. Colantuoni believes that the emotionally responsive classroom model can be easily incorporated into Montessori pedagogy; this is what she strives to bring to her work as Consulting Psychologist.

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