General Info

General Info

How many students are in each school?

Each school has the capacity for approximately 175 students.

When may I submit my application?

Applications for the following school year are accepted beginning August 1st and will be processed starting the Tuesday after Labor Day. The schools cannot accept an application before this date. Applications for the current school year are accepted based on availability.

Why may I only apply to one of the three Twin Parks schools?

Our three schools offer Open House dates for all interested parents. We ask that families then choose one campus to which to apply so we are not duplicating our admissions process. Most families choose to apply to a school based on its location in reference to their homes or to public transportation. All three Admissions Offices are available to answer your questions regarding choice of campus.

Why do we have to apply before seeing the school?

By applying, a family is showing serious interest in a particular school. Also, to reduce interruptions in our students’ classroom routines, we try to keep tours to a minimum.

Do children change classrooms as soon as they are old enough to be enrolled in the next level?

Twin Parks’ teachers are trained to address the cognitive, social and developmental growth for a span of several years, and are fully qualified to meet the needs of their oldest as well as youngest students. In a multi-aged, prepared classroom, children are able to advance in the areas of their strength, while spending extra time as needed in areas that are more of a challenge. There is no need to rush this precious time of learning.


What time is drop off and pick up?

Drop off is anytime between 8:00 am and 9:00 am. There are three pick up times based on age and program: 3:30 pm, 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm (5pm on Fridays).

Do you offer a morning-only program?

No, although many families choose to pick up after lunch (time varies by classroom, but is usually between 12:00pm and 1:00pm). This allows the children to complete a morning work cycle, attend circle time, visit the park, and have lunch with their teachers and peers. The tuition remains the same.

May my child stay until 4:30pm or until 6:00pm on only some of the days that he/she is enrolled?

Children must be enrolled for the same pick-up time for every day that they attend school.

Does the school follow the public school or the private school calendar?

Twin Parks’ schools generally follow the public school calendar, with the exception of a few professional development or parent/teacher conference days.


How and when are tuition payments made?

Tuition is due in full upon signing the contract. However, as an accommodation, we allow quarterly payments that are due May 1st, August 1st, November 1st, and February 1st and require a security deposit (1/10th of annual tuition). There are no individual payment plans or exceptions to the payment options.

What is a Security Deposit?

A security deposit, equal to one month’s tuition, is required for families choosing the quarterly payment option. The security deposit is refundable after the child’s last month of attendance, provided that all terms of the parent agreement have been met. The terms of the parent agreement are for the full school year, even if you move.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Parents who pay in full may pay by check or by direct debit (ACH). Parents who pay quarterly must pay by direct debit (ACH). The schools do not accept credit card payments.

What are the terms of the contract?

Please see the sample of our parent agreement by clicking here.

We are not sure that we will be in New York for the full school year. What happens if we move?

The terms of the parent agreement are for the full school year, even if you move.

What if the school is full and another child takes my child’s vacated place?

You will still be obligated to the terms of the parent agreement.


How many children/teachers are in each classroom?

The student teacher ratio for infants is 1:4, Toddlers 1:6, and Early Childhood 1:8. In most of our classrooms, there is a third teacher who arrives at 9:45am and stays through to the 6:00pm pick up.

Transition Process: Phase-in Philosophy

At Twin Parks, we want the transition from home to school to be as smooth and comfortable as possible. We work together with the family to make sure that each child has a graduated phase-in that works best for the individual child. In the beginning, we request that the child comes to school every day. Parents make arrangements for someone who is close to the child (caregiver, relative) to be available for this process. The adult enters the classroom with the child and sits in an adult- specified chair. The child is free to explore the environment, stay beside the adult, or return to the adult as frequently as needed. The key to a successful phase-in process is that it’s done gradually. A scenario may be as follows: Day 1, you and your child (or someone close to the child) are in the classroom for an hour or two. You will then both leave and come back the next day. On day 2, your child will stay longer and you may be asked to leave the room and wait in our designated parent area. Leaving the classroom does not happen this quickly for all children. We work out a schedule based on each individual child. It is our goal that by the end of the week, your child may be staying for lunch, or even naptime. Every child’s separation process is different; some children may phase-in faster than others. This is not a reflection on you or your child. It may take a week, or two weeks, or even a month (all will be okay!) until your child feels comfortable saying goodbye to you. We realize that this is a time-consuming process; it is solely for the child’s benefit.

May I come in the morning to help my child get settled?

Once the child has phased in to the classroom, parents drop off their toddler and early childhood children at the door and the children walk in to their classrooms unattended. This allows the child to leave the parent as opposed to the parent coming in and then leaving the child. As we work with children on gaining independence, this small step is just one of many in learning how to take care of oneself, as well as one’s belongings and the classroom environment

Do you provide meals and snacks?

Children may bring their lunch, or use one of of our catering services, for an additional fee. The catered lunch option for Central Park Montessori School and Park West Montessori School is provided by Little Green Gourmets and for Riverside Montessori School, it is Red Rabbit. The school provides morning snack.

How much time may parents spend in the classroom?

Parents may arrange times with teachers to volunteer in the classroom. Some examples of volunteer opportunities are classroom readers, presenting cultural topics at circle time or chaperoning on field trips.

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