General Info

How many students are in each school?

Each school has the capacity for approximately 175 students.

When may I submit my application?

Applications for the following school year are accepted beginning August 1st and will be processed starting the Tuesday after Labor Day. The schools cannot accept an application before this date. Applications for the current school year are accepted based on availability.

Why may I only apply to one of the three Twin Parks schools?

Our three schools offer Open House dates for all interested parents. We ask that families then choose one campus to which to apply so we are not duplicating our admissions process. Most families choose to apply to a school based on its location in reference to their homes or to public transportation. All three Admissions Offices are available to answer your questions regarding choice of campus.

Why do we have to apply before seeing the school?

By applying, a family is showing serious interest in a particular school. Also, to reduce interruptions in our students’ classroom routines, we try to keep tours to a minimum.

Do children change classrooms as soon as they are old enough to be enrolled in the next level?

Twin Parks’ teachers are trained to address the cognitive, social and developmental growth for a span of several years, and are fully qualified to meet the needs of their oldest as well as youngest students. In a multi-aged, prepared classroom, children are able to advance in the areas of their strength, while spending extra time as needed in areas that are more of a challenge. There is no need to rush this precious time of learning.

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