Twin Parks Montessori Schools offer a limited number of financial aid awards to help families that otherwise would be unable to send their children to our schools. Financial Aid is a tuition discount based on a family’s ability to pay. It is not a loan. The amount of the awards is a percentage of the annual tuition. The average award amount is $3500. Families will still be responsible for the balance of the tuition to be paid quarterly.

Step 1: Download and Complete the Parents Financial Statement to School and Student Services.

The School and Student Services is an organization which coordinates financial need analysis for independent schools. Beginning November 1st, you can complete the online PFS form at Twin Parks code number is 4003.

Please keep in mind that due to limited resources, financial aid is not available to every financially qualified student who applies.

The Twin Parks Montessori Schools Financial Aid Committee reviews each request for financial assistance and determines the financial aid amount based on the family’s need and the school’s budget. We are not always able to meet the financial needs of families even though the child is accepted to the School. A family’s request for Financial Aid will not affect our admission decision.

If you have any questions, please address them to

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