Our goal is to create a safe environment for our students while also providing them with an enriched, social, and, challenging learning experience.

Partnering Together

As we plan for the reopening of TPMS, our focus is on taking care of each other. Keeping everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic will need to be a community-wide effort. We are asking for your partnership in this most important endeavor. The administration has carefully reviewed the available public health and state guidance and requirements and has developed the following guidelines for in-person school for all students in September. Due to the continuously changing nature of the pandemic, these plans may evolve, and we will update parents/guardians, and staff regularly.

If you have questions, please reach out to Susan Kambrich, Executive Director at skambrich@twinparks.org.


We recognize the value in having families present in our school space. Due to COVID-19 and per New York state guidelines, we cannot allow non-essential individuals into our school building, and this includes parents and caregivers. We encourage family and caregiver participation and involvement and continue to brainstorm ideas on how to continue engagement remotely.

  • TPMS staff must complete a health questionnaire before each school day.
  • Upon arrival, children should wait with their adult in the designated markers on the sidewalk to maintain social distancing.
  • Once you and your child approach the building entrance, a TPMS administrator will take the child’s temperature.
  • Anyone whose temperature is 100F and above should not approach or enter the school building. Notify the Administrative Coordinator immediately so we can monitor the household member’s TPMS child closely.
  • Strollers – All parents/caregivers should be prepared to take strollers/scooters with them after dropping off their child. We cannot store strollers/scooters at school this year.


To help maintain our safety protocols, we ask that adults picking up students follow these guidelines:

  • Wait outside the school entrance or on the designated markers outside. A TPMS administrator will call the teacher to escort the student to the school door.
  • The adult picking up the child must sign out on the sheet provided by the teacher.
  • If a new/unknown adult is picking up a child, the parents must send an authorization email to the Administrative Coordinator and teachers along with a picture of the person’s photo ID in advance (by noon of that day).
  • Try to be consistent with your pick up time.

School Day/Phase In

We will implement ways we can encourage our students to maintain physical distance. 

  • Phase In details and procedures will be altered to ensure the safety of our community.
  • A combination of both in person and virtual orientation events will support Phase In.
  • Teachers will monitor students in hallways, classroom and bathrooms to maintain physical distancing as much as possible. 
  • Children will rest on personal cots/cribs 6 feet apart and lie head to toe.
  • Ventilation: The CDC recommends that indoor spaces have as much fresh air as possible.  TPMS will be opening windows and bringing in fresh air.  We will also be using air purifiers with HEPA filters.
  • Classrooms may have limited use of shared gym spaces. Commonly used spaces will be cleaned after each use and shared gym materials will be limited.
  • Families will have the option to sign their child up for an individually packaged catered lunch delivered daily. 
  • Children should bring labeled water bottles.
  • Teachers and children will go outdoors daily (weather dependent) wearing their masks. 
  • Extended Day/Enrichment
    For the 2020–2021 school year, all children will stay in their assigned classrooms. We will not combine students from other classes as we have in the past.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The following PPE measures are a combination of New York State requirements and TPMS protocol:

  • Teachers will wear masks inside and outside as recommended by DOH.
  • TPMS will provide teachers and staff with appropriate face masks as needed.
  • Staff will wear gloves when cleaning, sanitizing, assisting with toileting/diapering, and handling food per DOH guidelines.
  • Children are asked to keep at least two labeled reusable masks in a Ziplock bag in their cubby bin, along with extra clothing in a reusable bag.
  • Children age 2 years and younger must not wear a mask, per NYC DOH requirements.
  • Children over the age of two will be asked to wear masks as part of their daily routines. Although not mandated, we will have an expectation that they will be worn at most times. Please collect masks that are comfortable for your child and send several clean masks with your child daily. 
  • Staff will be trained in proper removal and disposal of PPE.


TPMS will incorporate additional hygiene practices into their routine, using a checklist to ensure all staff and children are complying with procedures. Staff and children will perform hand hygiene immediately upon entering the program and in the following instances:

  • Upon arrival to the first program activity or classroom
  • Between program activities
  • After using the restroom
  • Before and after eating
  • Before departing the last program activity Staff and children will wear indoor shoes
  •  inside all classrooms.
  • Children can bring one small comfort item to school.
  • Children will only use personal sheets and cot and will take home sheets for cleaning weekly or more frequently if necessary.


TPMS will employ professional cleaners to clean and disinfect on evenings following in person school days. During the school day, TPMS will perform routine cleaning procedures as well as the following:

  • Classroom teachers and office administration will maintain cleaning logs in classrooms and the office, ensuring the bathrooms and high touch areas such as door knobs, faucets, and railings are cleaned by staff.
  • We will use EPA approved products listed as effective against COVID-19.
  • Class teachers will clean and disinfect work tables between program activities and eating periods.
  • Class teachers will regularly clean shared materials, such as Montessori items used for learning during the work cycle. We will limit shared materials and increase individual materials.


Sharing what we know during these times of uncertainty is important and necessary. Information that may not affect some people might be valuable to others. Our plan is to provide monthly updates to our families by email with upcoming events, considerations, and any new information that may affect our typical school year.

TPMS is developing a clear communication plan that includes contact tracing, reporting of confirmed cases to local and state agencies, and confidentiality of any confirmed cases in our community. 

Emergency Health and Illness COVID-19 Policy

Due to COVID-19, TPMS has created an Emergency Health and Illness Policy to include potential scenarios related to the virus. This policy was developed in accordance with CDC, NYS, and NYC DOHMH guidelines. We ask all individuals affiliated with TPMS to read and comply with this policy. 

Distance Learning

Twin Parks Montessori Schools has created the TPMS Distance Learning Plan  to be implemented when circumstances and conditions prohibit regular school operations. There will not be a refund if the classroom group is required to quarantine. The 2% refund applies to a mandated government shutdown as stated in the FAQ. Please refer to the FAQ to determine if distance learning will be offered to your child. 

This plan is intended to help families understand the framework, technology, and expectations of distance learning. We continue to value activities that are enjoyable, meaningful, challenging and rewarding for our students. Our goal is not to replicate what happens in our classrooms. During this time, we recognize that some screen time, while not typically appropriate for the age range of our students, can support relationships and help maintain a connection between home and school. This plan includes on (virtual) and off-screen learning, as well as synchronous and asynchronous learning. Our priority is the development of the whole child with respect to each individual child and each individual family’s unique situation. 

This plan includes information about:

  • Distance Learning
  • Tech Support
  • Adult supporting distance learning Guidelines
  • School Role and Responsibilities
  • Attendance and Evaluation